Athos tour by boat

Athos Tour by Boat: Experience the Monk Island from the water

Immerse yourself in the world culture evening: We bring you as close to Athos as possible
The 2,000 meter high Mount Athos stands like an everlasting shadow over Halkidiki. On the easternmost finger of the Greek peninsula rises the sacred mountain, which you can see from almost every point on the coast due to its insane size. But only a few know what lies on Mount Athos. Because in order to enter the autonomous monastic republic, you need a special visa – which, by the way, only men receive. This is particularly difficult to get, as only 120 visitors are allowed per day and only ten of them can be foreigners. Experiencing Athos when visiting Greece is therefore almost impossible or has to be planned for quite a long time. A few years ago we started to create new perspectives with the boat. Because ships are allowed – while maintaining a minimum distance – to drive along the coast. As part of a full-day tour, we bring you as close as possible to Mount Athos and tell you all the exciting stories you need to know about the World Heritage Site in English, German or Greek.

What to expect on your Athos Tour:

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